Bukit Kiara: In The News – Mar-May 2021

Of a forest reserve that still is… and other musings

8 March 2021 – Peter Leong, FoBK’s Treasurer, shared an op-ed on Malay Mail about the state of forest reserves in the context of the breaking news about Shah Alam Community Forest’s being legally a Permanent Forest Reserve.

While it may be slightly below the 300m ASL criteria that “counts for more” on hill/slope development guidelines, so too do other Klang Valley green lungs capped by not-particularly-tall peaks (eg. Bukit Kiara 270m, and Bukit Permatang Resam a.k.a. Unity Peak of Kota Damansara Community Forest 210m) — both afforded a high level of recognition and protection for 400 and 800 acres respectively.

This is a valuable read to have a glimpse of the complicated background of gazettement, equity and a suggestion for how we can move forward.

Read the Malay Mail article here.

BFM Podcast: Friends of Bukit Kiara

5 May 2021 – Dr Kriban G Naidu, FoBK’s President, appeared on the ‘Earth Matters’ show hosted by Juliet Jacobs sharing a thorough history and vision of our NGO.

Listen to the podcast here.

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